Puerto Rican Backyard

Episode HORJD-205H

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Rob and Rosie want to make their outdoor courtyard more livable for themselves and their 3 year old daughter Raina. But with Rob recently losing his job, and then his sister and Uncle to cancer, the backyard has been an afterthought. They would like a space where their daughter can ride her bike around and play, and room for them to entertain without their space feeling like it is just a pile of dirt. Jamie feels that their courtyard style backyard is something similar to what is popular in Puerto Rico, so he decides to go to San Juan to get some inspiration. The vibrant colors and plants that adorn the walls of the homes in Puerto Rico surround the walls of the family's new courtyard. Traditional turned wooden spindles that adorned the windows of the homes in Puerto Rico now break up the bright colors of the walls. A wooden shade covers the family's new dining table, and there is a new bike path for the 3 year old Raina to ride around. A deck built around their hot tub creates the newly renovated look of the family's urban oasis.