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Episode HORJD-207H

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Three single ladies, Allison, Lillyan, and Robin are workaholics that want to enjoy and relax in their backyard, but do not know what to do with it. They want a space that suits all of their needs and extracurricular activities, and something that they feel proud to entertain in. Jamie feels that because the girls like having people over and their laid back attitude that Miami is the perfect place for inspiration, so he makes his way to South Beach for inspiration. The art deco area inspires a pink chrysanthemum wallpaper, and cool colored fabrics that surround the yard. The white sandy beaches of Florida are brought to the girls backyard with a mini beach. Bungalows and recliners in South Beach create a relaxed vibe in a new lounge area. The tropical plants and triangle palms seen all over Miami make up the garden, while a dining room encompassed by water completes the look of their new tropical backyard.