Jackson Hole Living

Episode HORJD-206H

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Kevin, Gina and their son Gunnar, of Van Nuys, California; are afflicted with severe privacy issues in their backyard. Initially, they bought the home based on a beautiful tree located in the center of it all. Jamie discovers a common theme between the tree, some cobblestone and a plastic moose head; which in turn, sends him off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to find inspiration for this new outdoor room. An intricate, wood-carved pavilion with massive stone pillars embrace the winter lodge motif discovered in Jackson Hole. Conversational benches are strategically placed in front of the pavilion, while forest-themed plants and cobblestones are incorporated into the woodwork. A state of the art hot tub is installed into a pre-existing spa / bar area. And even little Gunnar is thrilled to find a mini-fort tucked inside this Jackson Hole inspired Outdoor Room.