Island Paradise

Episode HORJD-104H

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Lauren and James bought their starter home with the help of Lauren's father, Fritz. Now they want to return the favor by turning their backyard dustbowl into a tropical paradise where Dad can come visit, garden, and hang out. Jamie visits Key West, Florida for inspiration to create two outdoor rooms? a lounge area and a dining room. From Calvin Klein's home, he takes away whitewashed timbers, bright hues of aqua and an old-fashioned hammock as well as the use of mirrors to create the illusion of space in a new and funky way. An orchid expert gives Jamie ideas for colorful splashes of fragrant flowers. Pastel-colored storm-guard shutters, a sunken eco-firepit and tropical palms set right into the deck complete the island vibe and welcome visitors to kick off their shoes, grab a margarita, and watch the sun go down.