Fiesta Fanfare

Episode HORJD-105H

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Anna and John own a beautiful Spanish-style home whose backyard is in serious disrepair. The couple loves Mexican-Spanish culture and dream of a south-of-the-border style outdoor room that is both kid-and adult-friendly. Mexico is Jamie's inspiration for an outdoor dining and lounge room. Mexico City inhabitants creatively make use of brightly hued walls to lend to a tropical festive feeling, and Jamie visits architect Luis Barragan's studio to see how plants can really jump out against this colorful palette. Frida Kahlo's home inspires Jamie to bring back a bright shade of blue for an artifact wall. A trip to Oaxaca yields unique traditional handicrafts and the only black pottery in the world. Giant olive oil jars, a wrought-iron trellis, drought-tolerant cacti and lush succulents add an old-world feel to this inviting outdoor room.