English Garden Design

Episode HORJD-201H

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John and Helene have a big family, and their back yard has been overtaken by playground equipment. They have been providing so much for their kids, that they have neglected to find a space for themselves. That is about to change. Jamie recalls a trip he had to England recently, and feels it is the perfect inspiration for the homeowners back yard. A visit to Sir Elton John's garden inspires screens of green fabric in the likeness of tall and tapered hedges. Birdcages in the marketplaces of London are turned into a unique way to showcase traditional English flowers. A white washed deck provides a space for the homeowners to enjoy a spot of tea, while a traditional English arbor provides shade for the new dining area. An enormous hedge maze at Hampton Court Palace becomes the template for a smaller version to create a sense of wonder for the entire family to enjoy over and over again in their newly designed Outdoor Room.