Down Under Design

Episode HORJD-110H

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Tom and Elizabeth weren't blessed with green thumbs. Their barren, parched yard has zero living plants except one lone cactus. With one young son and three active dogs, they want a tough, hearty outdoor room that is easily maintained where both kids and dogs can play. Jamie takes a trip back to his native Sydney, Australia to be inspired by some of his past drought-tolerant designs. The Royal Botanic Gardens house one of the greatest collections of Australian native plants in the country, and Jamie's garden in the center of the succulents has fared beautifully in the rugged terrain. He is inspired by the abundance of species that don't require much care that will blend into the California climate such as cactus, tree ferns, kangaroo paws, xantheria that will all be used in Tom and Elizabeth's garden. From the stunning Mount Annan Botanic Gardens, Jamie takes away the idea for rammed earth walls. Not only are the walls sustainable, but when Jamie adds natural red oxide to the California dirt it creates an authentic Australian outback feel while adding a functional design element to a dog-proof backyard. Barn doors and rust paint give the couple's garage the feel of an Australian sheep-shearing shed and complete a true outback, down-under look in their outdoor lounge and play area.