A Touch of Thailand

Episode HORJD-112H

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Raymond and Petal love to entertain. Raymond is a baker and chef by trade, and he loves to cook up traditional feasts for up to 200 people in their Filipino community. The couple has given up on their huge backyard and thrown their hands up the air, and Jamie and team face their most challenging plot yet. In addition to an outdoor kitchen, dining and lounge area, they'd love a worry-free play space for their three young children. Jamie travels to majestic Thailand for inspiration. The foundation of Jamie's design starts with the traditional rice terraces he discovers in the mountains of Thailand. But will Beth be able to re-create this look with a heartier plant that can survive in Petal and Raymond's scorching backyard? Jamie visits a stunning roof top garden in the center of Bangkok that inspires him to create a lush rich look with tropical plants. A giant gold Buddha statue sparks a vision for a slightly smaller version as a focal point in Raymond and Petal's backyard. Authentic nagas, or holy serpents, add traditional character to a pergola that sits over a huge triangular dining table with seating for 20. Lotus flower chandeliers and traditional Thai daybeds finish off this serene and peaceful outdoor room that has a little something for everyone.