Stunning Americana Master Bedroom

Episode HANTT-301H

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Mike and Monique Alvarez are self described world travelers. They've journeyed throughout Asia, Europe and all across America. Antonio and the team are taking the couple's love of travel as their inspiration and creating a sophisticated, vintage, American road trip inspired master suite worthy of these two intrepid travelers. The room comes to life as Antonio combines reclaimed wood, vintage and custom furniture along with Native American inspired textiles and colors. The sleeping area of the room is set off with a custom headboard and a antique dresser that's given a one of a kind makeover by one of Antonio's favorite edgy artists, Buck Wild. The seating area shows off high end photography, a wall sized mural and custom curtains that are distressed Antonio style at the shooting range. In just four days the crew tackles this chic Americana makeover and transforms the space in a one of a kind way.