Sign for Design

Episode HANTT-105CH

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Matt is a stay at home dad who runs a graphic design business while pursuing his dream of being the first deaf syndicated cartoonist. His wife, Kay, is a sign language interpreter. Together they are raising their four year old, Hayden. Matt's creative headquarters has been delegated to the living room which is chock-full of distractions and has become a cluttered catastrophe. Because Matt is deaf, visual stimulation is very important for him and as an artist he needs to have a space that nurtures his creativity; however, that same space must allow for them to enjoy time together as a family around their prized fireplace that Kay adores. Antonio's mission for Matt and Kay is to split the room and give Kay her living space back and to create and efficient way to provide a functional and inspiring office for Matt that promotes easy access. The result is a gorgeous room that's sure to bring comfort and inspiration.