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Dynamic Designs

Before-and-After Makeovers

Antonio transforms lackluster rooms into works of art with color and personality.

Antonio's Home Makeover

Antonio's Home Makeover

Antonio is put to the ultimate test: make over his home in just five days.

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Antonio's Best From Design Star

Antonio's Best Makeovers From HGTV Design Star

From the hot pink geese to Kathy Griffin's office, catch up on his memorable makeovers.

12 Stunning Room Designs

  • HANTT-302H
    Nicole and Erin have a bland, white living room with a challenging layout. Their bulky furniture is awkward in the space and their fear of color holds them back. Antonio and the team come to the rescue and give the girls a chic and funky bo

  • HANTT-109CH
    Jen and Jason are from small town Virginia, met at a church picnic and have lived relatively sheltered lives. The couple moved out to Southern California in pursuit of Hollywood dreams. Jen is an aspiring actress while Jason is working as

  • HANTT-207H
    Wendy is a young college professor who researches indie-rock, and she has just moved into a new house. But her living room is a big problem. A sunken space with wood floors, and an opening in the wall to the kitchen, it has a lot of potent

  • HANTT-303H
    This week Antonio's clients are a young brother and sister who are sharing one very small, very cramped bedroom. They need room to store everything from clothes to craft supplies and enough space to sleep and play. Fortunately, Mom and Dad

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Season four Design Star winner Antonio Ballatore transforms lackluster rooms into radically original spaces. Under the mantra "go big or go home," Ballatore takes ordinary rooms that are beige and boring and gives them The Antonio Treatment.

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