Fresh Ideas for Spring: Energy Efficiency

Green your home this spring with energy efficiency updates. Learn what remodeling tips will make the biggest impact on your monthly budget.

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    Energy Saving Tips

    Green Living Made Easy

    Conserve energy – and save money – with these smart home updates.

    Efficiency Ideas

    From DIY Network

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    Energy Saving Windows

    Money-Saving Windows

    Replacing windows contributes to your home's energy efficiency.

    Smart Buying and Installation Tips

    From HGTVPro

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    Insulation and Air Sealing

    An Airtight Envelope

    Increase your home's comfort level and lower energy bills.

    Air Sealing and Insulation Techniques

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    Green Remodeling Projects

    Green Remodeling

    Hoping to go green? Start with simple home improvement projects.

    How-Tos and Advice

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    Conserve Water

    Water Conservation

    Discover new ways to decrease water usage at home.

    Xeriscaping, Graywater and More

    From HGTVPro

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    Buy a Green Home

    A Greener Home

    Get tips on choosing a green city, buying a green home and making an eco-friendly move.

    Real Estate Advice

    From FrontDoor