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Are you willing to drop everything and spend six weeks exploring Wyoming’s vast, rugged landscape in a mobile 200-square foot tiny house?



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Answer the call of the WY

Wyoming isn’t for the faint of heart. The landscape is vast.
The natural wonders, immense. It’s the kind of place that only calls to the wild ones.

Tell us why you're adventurous enough to drop everything and explore Wyoming’s epic landscape in a tiny house. The adventurer will participate in a 6-week, all-expenses paid adventure and a tiny house to live it in. You’ll explore the diverse landscape and immerse yourself in authentic Western pursuits like fly fishing, a rodeo, rock climbing, and more.

Regions and cities

Each region is an adventure all its own. Click on the map below to view photo from around the state.


Look no further than Wyomings people and iconic landscapes to inspire you.