Urban Garden Retreat

Check out these 5 ideas to create a space-saving urban garden retreat.

Sponsor gallery courtesy of Fiskars

Big Impact

You don't need a large space to enjoy the outdoors. Learn how to add some color and life to your balcony or other small space.

Precious Privacy

With just a few tools and supplies, you can build a privacy wall that will keep your space separate from that of your neighbor and provide places for climbing plants such as ivy to grow.

Hanging Plants

Give old containers new life by using them as planters, then hang them up to save valuable floor space.

Comfy and Cozy

Get comfy with handmade pillows and cushions. Use bold colors to make the space warm and inviting or neutrals for a clean, classic look.

Bright Idea

Add a light feature so you an enjoy your space day or night.

Go Vertical

Add flowers and plants to a DIY wall to bring color into your space.