Spider Donuts

Sponsor photo gallery courtesy of Airheads®

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Airheads

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Ready, Set, Create!

Make these spooky spiders for a fun, easy and tasty craft that kids will love.

Step 1: Start the Body

Using a skewer, poke four holes into each side of a full-sized donut. Take care not to push the skewer all the way through to the center of the donut.

Step 2: Make 8 Legs

Cut one Airheads in half and cut each half into quarters lengthwise so that you have eight strips.

Step 3: Attach the Legs

Roll the candy strips into long cylinders then insert each one into the holes in the sides of the donut. Flatten the ends slightly to make feet.

Step 4: Eyeball Option #1

Start with two White Mystery Airheads. Lay them next to one another lengthwise – overlapping the edges slightly – and press the seam together so they form one, big Airheads. 

Step 5: Eyeball Option #1

Next, lay a Cherry (or another flavor) Airheads lengthwise on top of the White Mystery Airheads. Cut a long, thin strip from a third flavor (we chose Blue Raspberry) and lay it on top of the second flavor.

Step 6: Eyeball Option #1

Roll up the candies lengthwise into one big log.

Step 7: Eyeball Option #1

Roll the log between your palms to seal the seam. 

Step 8: Eyeball Option #1

Slice crosswise into mutli-colored eyeballs.

Step 9: Eyeball Option #2

Start with an Airheads Bites then cut circles (one larger, for the iris, and one smaller, for the pupil) out of different flavors of Airheads. Stick all three together and you have another way to make an eyeball!

Step 10: Fangs!

Craft fangs with zig-zag cuts into a White Mystery Airheads.

Step 11: Put It All Together

Add the fangs and eyeballs of your choice to the donut and watch your spider come to life!

Step 11: Enjoy Your Spider

These donut spiders strike the perfect balance between spooky and cute!