Solar System Cupcakes Cake

Sponsor photo gallery courtesy of Airheads®

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Ready, Set, Craft!

This project is great for a science- or space-themed party…Or any day that you feel like celebrating the solar system! Take a shortcut to the fun stuff and use store-bought cupcakes.

Step 1: Plate Your Cupcakes

Begin with homemade or store-bought, chocolate-frosted cupcakes. Preferably with a nice swirl design on top.

Step 2: Prepare the Base

Once all of the cupcakes have been transferred to a large plate, use your hands at the base of the cupcakes to press them together so that iced edges touch. 

Step 3: Make Planets

One way to make planets is by laying two different flavors of Airheads on top of one another (we chose White Mystery and Grape)… 

Step 4: Make Planets

Give them a twist or two…

Step 5: Make Planets

Then roll them into a ball between your hands.

Step 5: Make Planets


Step 6: Other Ways to Make Planets

To create a planet with more specific color placement (such as Earth), place small pieces of different flavors of Airheads where you want them on a pre-rolled Airheads ball. Gently roll the ball between your hands a few more times to help the flavors mesh into one planet.

Step 6: Other Ways to Make Planets


Step 7: Create Stars

For another celestial touch, grab a small star cookie cutter…

Step 7: Create Stars

And cut stars out of a White Mystery Airheads.

Step 8: Decorate and Enjoy

Add the planets and stars to your space cake and you’re ready to eat the Solar System!

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