Monster Donuts

Sponsor photo gallery courtesy of Airheads®

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Airheads

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Ready, Set, Create!

Donuts are great for faces because they have a natural mouth. Pick your favorite flavor and get started!

Step 1: Make Fangs

Trim teeth or fangs out of a White Mystery Airheads and press it at the top of the donut’s hole.

Step 2: Add a Tongue

Next, cut a tongue out of a Cherry Airheads and shape it into your perfect monster tongue before pressing it onto the lower part of the donut’s hole.

Step 3: Eyeball Option #1

Start with two White Mystery Airheads. Lay them next to one another lengthwise – overlapping the edges slightly – and press the seam together so they form one, big Airheads. 

Step 4: Eyeball Option #1

Next, lay a Cherry (or another flavor) Airheads lengthwise on top of the White Mystery Airheads. Cut a long, thin strip from a third flavor (we chose Blue Raspberry) and lay it on top of the second flavor.

Step 5: Eyeball Option #1

Roll up the candies lengthwise into one big log.

Step 6: Eyeball Option #1

Roll the log between your palms to seal the seam

Step 7: Eyeball Option #1

Slice crosswise into mutli-colored eyeballs.

Step 8: Eyeball Option #2

Start with an Airheads Bites then cut circles (one larger, for the iris, and one smaller, for the pupil) out of different flavors of Airheads. Stick all three together and you have another way to make an eyeball!

Step 9: Add the Eyes

Press your eyes on near the top of the donut.

Step 10: Enjoy

Your Monster Donut is all set!

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