Dreamy Nursery

Take one blank-slate bedroom, add a thoughtful combination of items meant to elevate this family’s time together and you get a nursery that dreams are made of.

Room to Grow

Designer Leigh Ann Reagan-Barnes believes a nursery should be much more than functional for a child. “It should a place they can grow into and be a space to inspire,” said Reagan-Barnes. “It should be soothing and calming but also fun.” This design brings those ideals to life.

Incorporating Metallics

Think metallic finishes are off limits for nurseries? Think again. Here, brushed brass brings in sophistication without being high-glam. It’s is a great choice for this space and will work well when baby eventually transitions to a more grown-up room.

Storage Possibilities

Parents often underestimate how much storage a baby needs. Open storage like these leaning shelves is great for easy access and it makes it possible for little hands to help put toys away once baby is toddling around.

Dream Theme

For parents Kimberly and Yohance, this nursery is a dream come true and the perfect space for their little girl to grow. Soft grays are accented with dark blue pieces while celestial accessories add whimsy to the space without being overly thematic. “It’s like the universe is at her fingertips – literally,” says Kimberly.

Mix It Up

It’s important to create an atmosphere that brings the family together in perfect harmony. Calming colors and soft textures are ideal for a nursery but the key is to have contrast. The subtle sheen of the floor-length drapes and the metallic elements sprinkled throughout the room offer flawless variation.

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