Alien Donut Holes

Sponsor photo gallery courtesy of Airheads®

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport Photography

Ready, Set, Create!

These treats are super-fun to make because pretty much anything goes when designing an alien.

Step 1: Make Alien Limbs

Trim Airheads into arms, tentacles or legs…or even pinchers!

Step 2: Make a Body

Poke as many holes as you need to accommodate all of your limbs into a donut hole using a wooden skewer. 

Step 3: Attach the Limbs

Insert the legs, tentacles, arms (or all of the above) into the holes in the side of donut hole.

Step 4: Make Eyes

To make eyeballs, start with an Airheads Bites then cut circles (one larger, for the iris, and one smaller, for the pupil) out of different flavors of Airheads. Stick all three together and you have an eyeball!

Step 5: Finish Up & Enjoy

Add the eyeball(s) to the donut hole and enjoy your alien!