6 Sunny Yellows to Brighten Your Home

Bring the outside in with summery shades of yellow. Adding a sunburst hue in unexpected spaces makes a bold design statement. Sponsored content courtesy of Home Depot. Shop Top Paint Brands.

Photo By: BEHR

Photo By: BEHR

Photo By: BEHR

Photo By: BEHR

Add Radiance Overhead

Bring golden hour into your living space with a metallic-hued ceiling. The shade of gold overhead adds a warm glow to the entire room. A neutral palette creates a timeless backdrop, allowing the sculptural silhouette of the curved sectional to really stand out.

Find the Just-Right Shade

Take a cue from the rest of the room's design and find a hue that adds interest without being distracting. The dining room is full of warm, muted tones, so a soothing, subtle yellow is painted on the ceiling.

Create Striking Color Contrast

When designing a space where you want the creative juices flowing, look for bold wall colors like this rich teal. The lower ceiling is painted a metallic gold, which not only brings height to the space but adds a touch of glam.

Lighten Up a Neutral Space

A favorite color combination — gray and yellow — equals instant chic in any space. Painting the ceiling doesn't have to be bold and dramatic. The yellow ceiling in this living space adds a touch of subtle color, while also brightening up the room.

Make a Statement with Color

Turn an unused area into a functional space with style to boot. The space under the stairs is painted soft yellow and transformed into an open mudroom, complete with a space for a surfboard and bike rack. A bench with cubbies provides easy-to-access storage, and skateboard shelves add playful organization for this sport enthusiast.

Go for a Cheery Hue

Yellow is the quintessential shade of happiness. Classic white wingback chairs pair with a sleek black table and abstract art in this cozy seating area. Black-and-white graphic tile floors add stylish texture underfoot.