Tips for Making a Fresh Flower Arrangement

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By Chris Lambton

When you are entertaining, adding a centerpiece is the easiest way to complete your table décor. Fresh flowers make a great centerpiece you do not need a floral design degree to create a beautiful arrangement. Here are some basic steps for making your own floral centerpiece.

Step 1: Pick the flowers that are attractive to you!

There are many fresh flower varieties available, especially in the summer. You may want to go with a uniform color, varying shades of the same color or multiple colors. The choice is yours and there is no right or wrong way.

Step 2: Consider some greenery or fillers.

To create fullness and texture, add some green grass stems, foliage or berry stalks. Eucalyptus or grasses are great options.

Step 3: Select a vase.

A tall, skinny vase will work best for thin-stemmed flowers. If you will be using large-headed flowers, consider something shorter and wider. Keep in mind shorter vases may work better for your table so your guests can see each other across the table.

Step 4: Trim your stems.

You will want to remove any leaves that will be under water. This will prevent the leaves from rotting and contaminating your water. Then trim the stems to be the proper height for your vase. Keep in mind which flowers are more dominant in your arrangement; they may want to be a little longer than the next layer of flowers so that your flowers have different heights. You will want to select a sharp pruner like the PowerGear2™ pruner to trim the leaves and stems. The blades will give you a clean angled cut so your stems will stay healthier longer.

Step 5: Arrange the stems.

When you are adding stems to your vase, start with the thickest branches to help structure the shape of the arrangement. Next add in the rest of the greenery and finish by placing the flowers. When you add the stems, work in a circle so that you are placing the different flowers or greenery evenly around the container for balance. Using odd numbers of each flower type will help create a natural look.

Whether you are making a fresh bouquet or using artificial stems, these basic tips will provide everything you need to create your own arrangement for any space in your house or for your next backyard table setting.

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