Road Trip Revelers

Some of the greatest memories are made on the open road.

By: Jenny Oberhaus


Tourist red car taking a road trip, driving through Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Summer vacation travelers seek North American scenic natural destinations to experience mountain range landscape views, snow-capped glacial peaks, majestic, tranquil wilderness areas, and beauty in nature. Sunny highway and cloudy sky provide copy space.

Photo by: YinYang


Road trips are inevitably full of twists and turns – both literal and figurative. Let’s take a drive down Memory Lane as a few road trippers re-tell their tails of traveling mayhem…and the unforgettable memories that were made along the way.

"When I lived in Los Angeles, my good friend and I once decided on a whim to drive to Las Vegas just for one night with little-to-no money. We stayed up almost all night. The next morning, on our way back home, we were amazed how beautiful our surroundings were (the LA-Vegas route is just a desert.) We passed little canyons and ended up in the country with horse ranches. We drove for two hours, thinking all the while how beautiful was out there and how we had never seen any of this before. (Keep in mind we were very tired and really wanted to go home and sleep.) We were trying to figure out where we were, then we saw the sign: "Welcome to Utah!" Normally a four-hour drive became an eight-hour drive, plus L.A.'s famous rush-hour traffic. We spent all our money on gas. Such a fun experience, though. I'd do it all over again."

Gizem Gürel – Knoxville, TN

"My friend and I were going to fly out of Denver to Cancun for her high school graduation present. We got on the highway from Pueblo and I noticed that the road was unusually empty. I came up on a line of cars and I wondered why they are going to slow. Being my impatient self, I proceeded to pass these black cars with dark tinted windows. It had started to rain and I was paranoid about missing my exit so I squeezed into the line of cars. The cars slowed down even more and one pulled up next to me and the driver shook his finger at me so I got out of that lane and proceeded to pass the line of cars again. I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed a car coming up behind me flying mini American flags on the hood, then it hit me: The United Nations was meeting in Denver that weekend.  I had just cut off President Clinton! It was an honest mistake and one I will never forget."

Dawn Leyba – Pueblo, CO

"My trip began as a flight, NOT a road trip, but that is where the fun began. Due to fog, my flight into Bloomington, IL couldn’t land and was rerouted to another mid-western town almost 3 hours away.  There were three buses waiting to take us to our intended destination but, of course, the bus I got on was the one that broke down mid-way to Bloomington. Rather than sit on the bus, we hopped off and went into a gas station to all hang out – probably 15 or 20 of us from all walks of life. It was the week of Christmas so most of us were coming home to see family. This was before the age of smart phones so we were all talking – some grumpily – having snacks, eating microwaved burritos (best thing ever!) and sipping coffee. After about an hour, our 2nd bus arrived and we finished the drive to Bloomington. It was a long night of travel and unplanned delays, but it was a great trip and a good reminder to go with the flow."

Diana Johnson – Jacksonville, FL

Often it is the unplanned events that create the best memories. Don’t be afraid to make thorough plans of your own – just remember to be flexible and see where the road takes you.

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