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Molly Rhymer has always had an eye for design. But it wasn't until she needed to decorate her own apartment that she came upon an idea that would soon turn into her own successful business.

As a plant lover, she wanted to fill her new apartment with all of her favorite greenery. But when she went on a hunt for stylish pots to put her own plants in, she came up completely empty-handed. That's when the idea for Pop Up Greens was born.

Determined to figure out a solution, Rhymer grabbed a paintbrush and started experimenting. Eventually she ended up with a chic line of hand-painted planters that design lovers are smitten with. As the business has continued to grow, Pop Up Greens is now on the radar of plant-obsessed designers and green thumbs everywhere.

But this Los Angeles native wasn't necessarily thinking "business opportunity" from the get-go. "I started painting on terracotta pots to decorate my apartment – just simple shapes at first. I posted some of the planters on Instagram and people started to ask if they could purchase them."

Before she knew it, Rhymer had a successful growing business under way. Requests started coming in from big companies such as Buzzfeed and Uber, which needed help sourcing plants and containers for their office spaces. They soon turned to Rhymer as their plant expert.

As her small business was taking off, Rhymer realized she quickly needed to establish her own brand identity, and she used her own painted pots as a jumping-off point.

"I think the designs of the pots help shape our brand aesthetic. Everything is pretty simple and minimal and features neutral colors. I love the contrast the green of plants give to an all-white or neutral pot, so I like the pop of color or added texture to come from nature and something organic." Rhymer used many of the simple colors and designs of her pots in her own branding.

She started off with simple business cards for Pop Up Greens, but as her business grew she needed more sophisticated cards that were as beautiful as her product line.  After a friend recommended MOO to her, she never looked back. Rhymer needed a quick, easy solution that was budget friendly and flexible. She especially loved the option of being able to produce cards with a variety of images. Because each of her pots is hand-painted and has a unique look, it was important to her to have branding materials that reflect the one-of-a-kind vibe of her pieces.

As her sales started to grow, Rhymer found success at local markets and pop-up sales. As she added more and more pieces to her collection, she also found ways to speak to her new customers by using printed postcards and business cards to share at events.

Things have been going so well for Pop Up Greens that the company has recently expanded into vintage-inspired African tribal mudcloth pillows. They're also in talks with a big online retailer to partner in selling her pots. Rhymer is ready and excited for whatever comes next for her young, growing business.

For more information, and to buy Pop Up Greens products, visit http://www.popupgreens.co/.

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