Backyard Oasis: DIY Planter

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By Chris Lambton

Adding a rustic, potted planter to your outdoor setting can add much needed life to any space. By making the planter with fallen branches from trees in your yard, you will have a creative piece and give the branches a second life.

Materials Needed

  • Nails
  • 2” thick tree limbs
  • IsoCore™ 20 oz Milled-face General Use Hammer (13.5")
  • Big Grip Trowel (400S)
  • Bow Saw (21")
  • PowerGear2™ Lopper (32")

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Prep Branches

You will need to find branches that are strong enough to support a pot filled with soil and plants. I recommend branches between 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 inches thick. The Fiskars PowerGear2™ Loppers can be used on branches up to 2" thick. For larger branches, I recommend using the 21” Bow Saw. Cut these branches into three two-foot pieces. You will also need three branches that are about 1" thick to use as cross braces.

Frame the Base

When assembled, the wood pieces will form a triangle base for the pot to fit into. Start by attaching one of the smaller branches to the mid-point of two larger branches. I use 1-1/4” nails to hold the branches together. The IsoCore™ 20oz general use hammer is perfect for this job.

Complete the Triangle

Repeat until all three base pieces are connected to the cross pieces forming a triangle base.

Fill Pot with Soil

With the base built, it’s time to fill and plant the pot. The Big Grip Trowel is built for this with its extra-large aluminum head. It moves dirt fast, and with its Softgrip handle, not only does it provide comfort, but exceptional grip as well.

Add Plants

Add your favorite colorful plants plus a filler to complete the project. Be sure to think about where you will place your planter when selecting plants. The amount of sun and your planter will get will determine which plants will grow best in your space.

Find the Perfect Spot

Place your base in the desired location, and add your planted container. Enjoy your new DIY planter! 

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