How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Photo by: Bittmann, Jesse

Bittmann, Jesse

Folding a fitted sheet got your bedding in a bunch? We’re here to help! Here’s an easy breezy way to become an expert at folding fitted sheets.

Folding a fitted bed sheet can be challenging, unless done correctly. In this video, Sleep Number demonstrates the correct way to fold a fitted sheet, so your linen closet stays organized:

    Step 1. Spread out with elastic facing up and Sleep Number® icon to lower right

    Step 2. Fold in half and tuck corners

    Step 3. Fold in half again and tuck corners

    Step 4. Fold one-third from the left

    Step 5. Fold one-third from the right

    Step 6. Fold one-third from the bottom

    Step 7. Fold one-third from the top Stack folded sheet with flat sheet into pillow case.

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