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Cozy Chic Retreat

Cozy Chic Retreat

The well-detailed master bedroom with deep charcoal walls includes an inviting queen bed that tracks sleep, space for reading and relaxing, stylish storage options and views of the covered patio, pool area and desert landscape outside.

Photo by: Tomas Espinoza

Tomas Espinoza

Bedrooms are our personal retreats to recharge and refresh; but, how does your bedroom's design impact your sleep? We chatted with HGTV Smart Home designer, Tiffany Brooks, to uncover the key components of successful bedroom design used in this year's HGTV Smart Home.

1.  Which HGTV Smart Home bedroom was your favorite to design, and why? I loved designing the guest room in this year's home. I loved the serene tones and the feel of the southwest that I was able to capture in that space.

Nifty Nightstand

Nifty Nightstand

A wood nightstand with a contemporary champagne finish and hand hammered iron ring-pull hardware offers drawers for closed storage of bedroom essentials, with room on top for fresh flowers, a table lamp, remote, books and a glass of water.

Photo by: Tomas Espinoza

Tomas Espinoza

2. What factors do you consider when choosing the layout of a bedroom? I always first consider where the windows are located, as well as the major traffic areas. Color palettes are also very important. They are one of the first things that I select.

3. Do you have any other tips in your design arsenal that aid in better sleep? Blackout shades/drapes are a must. Air and temperature controls need to be considered as well. The type of bedding (cool/hot) is also important.

4. What are your go-to tips our readers should consider when looking at their own bedrooms? Consider how you sleep. Do you like noise? Do you need complete darkness? Also consider the other functions that your bedroom will take on.

5. What tips do you have to help make a bedroom more comfortable, and "smart”? The room needs to function to how YOU function in your bedroom. Do you like to read at night? This indicates a need for bedside lighting. How do you like to wake up? I am one that needs light to wake up, so a room darkening shade with a rise at a certain time always works for me. Mattress firmness is also to be considered for each person in the bedroom.

6. We obviously think the bed is the most important element in a bedroom. After all, you spend 1/3 of your life in bed!  What advice do you have to make the bed the centerpiece of the room? I love upholstered beds. I would carefully consider the styling of the bed. Are you a pillow person? Do you love a bed that is so soft that it literally hugs you when you jump in? All of these play into the way your bedroom is designed, and which mattress you select.

7. Let's talk nightstands. What the heck should be on them? Your nightstands should be totally personalized to your nighttime rituals. If you do crossword puzzles to settle your mind, then you may need storage for pens and books. But the one accessory that everyone should have is a tray on top of the nightstand

8. What are your favorite elements in each of the 3 HGTV Smart Home bedrooms, and why? My favorite element in the terrace suite is definitely the color scheme. I love that I decided to carry the soft violet color to the ceiling. The subtle southwestern nod is my absolute favorite in the guest bedroom. In the master bedroom, I love the deep rich color of the walls. It was definitely a risk, but I know that it paid off.

Elegant Furnishings

Elegant Furnishings

The nightstands used for each side of the master bedroom's queen bed have an elegant oval form that stands on tapered legs with a fully adjustable wood shelf behind closed doors.

Photo by: Brittany Ambridge

Brittany Ambridge

9. What design elements should people consider as they make their homes "smart”? I love the term "hidden conveniences.” Basically, making your home smart, without sacrificing the fact that your house is still a home. This means finding ways to make the technology in your home feel less intrusive on how you need it to look.

10. What was the most challenging part of designing this year's HGTV Smart Home? The most challenging part of designing this year's home was the layout. With the vast, open spaces, you really have to think about having a smart, functional floorplan.

11. What other design wisdom can you share with us that we haven't already covered? I always suggest that homeowners go with their gut, versus listening to friends and family not living there, and to always choose comfort above all else.

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