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Barbara Vail is passionate about designing spaces that are both functional and creative. Inspired by her father, an antiques dealer and auctioneer, she spent her childhood around vintage pieces. Before long, Barbara discovered the same thrill of exploration herself, cementing her role in the family business. With a background in science and nutrition, Barbara decided to make a career change and enrolled in Boston Architectural College. Soon enough, she realized that her two passions, math and art, were integral to designing spaces.

Fast-forward three years: her company, Galyean Vail, located in Boston, is growing by leaps and bounds. Passionate about design and space, Barbara loves to tell her clients' stories. Each space reflects the individual client's style with careful attention to details.

She shares a home workspace with her boyfriend, an English major with an affinity for books. Her favorite assistant is a curious, affectionate fluffy black cat named Otto. The office is filled with assorted samples, magazines for inspiration, fresh flowers and bountiful natural light. Curated pieces, each with its own unique story, pull the space together.

Her visual identity lies in design that is simple and elegant, clean and minimalist while at the same time being warm and inviting. Utilizing fun finds, vintage flea-market treasures, rugs, textures, wood and metal (especially brass), her style has evolved over the years, but she always subscribes to the classic William Morris philosophy: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

Barbara is a woman of many talents. In addition to her design services, she is a potter and curates a store on her website where customers can add treasures from Galyean Vail to their space. It is her approach and aesthetics that set her apart as one of Boston's most sought-after designers.

Reflecting back on the beginning, Barbara realized that she had to make those in-person impressions as strong as the online ones. Recognizing that she needed to share her brand identity with those she encountered day to day, she succeeded by designing a memorable business card.

"When I first started branding my business, I knew I wanted to have business cards that articulate my design aesthetic and utilize both sides of the card. I wanted to share cards that gave people an experience that had a greater impact. My goal was to connect with them and give them a taste of what I do — a great first impression."

One reason that Barbara chose MOO is because the company's US headquarters are based in Providence, Rhode Island, and she believes that supporting companies close to home is important. She also loved that MOO highlights different makers, designers and small business owners. This connected with her on a personal level and resonated with her own business philosophy.

Barbara shares that the design process could not have been simpler: She uploaded her images and created her cards with MOO's text and fonts. Once the cards were designed, she was able to preview them for a final approval prior to printing. When they arrived in the mail, it was clear that she had made the right choice. From the quality of paper to the size and the design, it was a perfect match.

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