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Born & Raised founder Rachel Barish has a serious case of wanderlust. After starting her knitwear line in Melbourne, Australia, in 2015, she has grown her e-commerce brand while traveling through five countries and across three continents, finally settling in Los Angeles.

After holding traditional jobs in the industry with brands such as Esprit, Ralph Lauren and Rebecca Minkoff, Barish grew disappointed with the ethics behind "fast fashion" and wanted to contribute something sustainable and positive to the fashion industry.

Born & Raised, which started as a babies' and kids' clothing line, has since grown into a full lifestyle label with womenswear and men's accessories, including knit hats, bandanas, cowls, tops and tanks. Barish's line is known for its unique pieces, quirky color and pattern combos and natural hand-dyed artisanal yarns. Her design aesthetic is inspired by the places she has called home, she designs her knitwear with her global travels in mind.

"When I started B&R, I definitely struggled with how to differentiate myself from the pack. What I ended up focusing on was where I was getting my yarn. A lot of other brands use mass-produced yarn from giant wool mills. I aim to exclusively use indie-dyed yarns, hand-dyed by women who own and run their businesses just like my own. I want to make sure I am supporting other female-owned small businesses as much as I can."

There was a bit of an adjustment for the Born & Raised brand after Barish moved back to the States. She quickly realized that she needed to come up with a thoughtful way to marry both her Australian and her American audiences. So after landing in LA, Barish thought it might be time for a rebrand.

She had created her own marketing materials in the past but realized she didn't have the skill or time to start from scratch and design each piece on her own. She also wanted a square business card, in the hopes it would stand out.  

"My old business cards no longer reflected the current aesthetic of the brand, and I had my eye on MOO for quite some time, so I decided to take the plunge. Now that all of our products are made in the USA, I knew I wanted to redesign my logo utilizing MOO's gold foil option to highlight this new element of my brand. The cards are such a beautiful, streamlined design on their own, so it was easy to slap my logo on there and contrast the gold foil logo with a close-up of one of my favorite B&R knits."

Currently Barish hand-knits all of the items in her collection, though she works with a network of knitters who pitch in for larger wholesale orders. In addition to the hand-knitted items, she sells patterns for her pieces, so anyone who already knows how to knit can re-create some of her most popular designs.   

This fall Barish will be going into production with a local factory in LA to produce a capsule womenswear line. She is also deeply passionate about teaching knitting to others and often leads both beginner and advanced classes all over the world.

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