6 Energy-Savings Projects You Can Do in 5 Minutes or Less    

Think making your home more energy efficient is time-consuming? Think again. These 6 tips take 5 minutes or less.

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Not only does saving energy help the environment, it also saves you big bucks on your energy bill. Everyone knows that turning off the lights when you leave a room can save you energy, but the saving doesn’t stop there — these tips from Ameren Illinois will take your energy savings even further.

Switch for savings
Replace the light bulbs in your home with LED bulbs, which use 25%–30% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. This simple switch can save you up to $75 each year.

Adjust your lights with dimmers

Dimmers reduce the flow of electricity to your bulbs and allow your lights to shine using lower power outputs — and can even make your bulbs last longer.

Check your filter
Check your air filter every month, especially those months when you use your HVAC system the most. A dirty filter slows the airflow and makes the system work harder to keep your home warm or cool.

Circulate air with ceiling fans
When using your air conditioning, a ceiling fan lets you raise the thermostat about 4 degrees while still providing the same level of comfort. But be sure to turn those fans off when you leave the room — fans cool people, not rooms.

Water heater

Do you know the temperature your water heater is set on? A heater set to 140 degrees or higher can waste $36–$61 each year. Turn yours down to 120 degrees to save energy without giving up those warm, relaxing showers.

Reduce vampire power
Vampire power is the energy that’s wasted when electronic devices are plugged in, but not in use. Defeat those vampires in your living room by using a smart power strip for all your electronics, including the TV, surround sound and gaming systems. Smart power strips sense when the equipment is not in use and will stop the wasted energy, saving you money throughout the year.

That’s energy savings made easy from Ameren Illinois.

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