5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Shed      

A quick wood staining project can build serious curb appeal

By Olympic® Paints and Stains 

Whether it’s lovingly handcrafted or delivered prefab from the local outdoor store, your shed is a vital part of the place you call “home.” It might be a workshop, garden tool depot, man cave or she shed. Whatever its function, that backyard structure reflects you and needs to last for years to come. It’s perfect makeover material for a long summer weekend.

1) Your House’s Mini-Me

Sheds don’t often start out as mirrors of your home. But if your shed is visible to passersby consider giving your house and shed the same look. Choose a bold solid stain color like Olympic® Maximum’s California Rustic and mix it with a natural-looking clear stain color to make your home and shed a matched set.  

2) Très Chic She Shed

The backyard shed isn’t just a place for boys and their toys. These days the shed can be a garden structure, art studio, or cozy reading nook. Consider welcoming people to your backyard hideaway by staining the door and trim with an Olympic® stain in Heritage Gray. To make that door pop, stain the individual panels with Navajo White. For the adjacent fence, choose oil-based Olympic® Deck, Fence & Siding Stain Clear to make sure the wood stays as beautiful as the shed beside it.

3) Weather Warrior

Think about how many seasons your shed has weathered, from spring rains to blistering heat waves. Nourish those parched wood grains with stain. It will provide your shed with a durable weather shield so it can brave Mother Nature’s nastiest for many seasons to come.

4) Backyard Beach

After all the time and effort to get your pool ready for summer, you suddenly realize your pool shed isn’t ready for primetime. Luckily you can use a three-day weekend to remedy the situation! Guests at your pool party will revel in the ambiance with a rustic shed stained with Olympic® Maximum’s Faukland, mixed with a deep Ginger Brown on the door and trim.

5) Make Your Man Cave a Classic

Your man cave is a lot more than a place to park the riding mower and power tools. It’s a statement to friends and neighbors. To keep your backyard castle looking and feeling like Camelot, give it a thorough once-over with Olympic® Wood Protector Toner to maintain the grains—and to color your neighbors with envy.

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