Could You Live Tiny?

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See how these buyers found their (tiny!) dream home.

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About the Show

Follow home seekers across the country as they look to downsize, way down. They'll check out three unique streamlined houses under 600 square feet before deciding on the perfect compact kingdom to call home. When it comes to choosing one and making an offer, will they join the tiny house movement or stick with wide-open spaces? Viewers will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see what these Tiny House Hunters ultimately decide.
Season 1, Episode 1

Jersey City Newlyweds Search for Tiny House on Large Rural Lot

Newlyweds Adam and Karen are tired of city life, so they're trading their 750-square-foot condo in Jersey City, NJ, for a place in the country. The catch? They want to downsize, so they're looking for a tiny house on a large secluded plot of land. But exactly how tiny the house should be is up for debate. Sustainability consultant Adam thinks they should go for something less than 500 square feet, while Karen's idea of downsizing isn't quite so radical. As a teacher and artist, she still wants to have room for her art supplies and paintings, not to mention her clothes! And that's not the end of their disagreements: Adam thinks they should forego a septic system and get a composting toilet, an idea that Karen is definitely not okay with. She wants something that flushes! Can these two work out their differences and find the tiny house of their dreams?

Dec 25
5:30pm | 4:30c
Season 2, Episode 3

Moving From Parents Place To Tiny House

Recently engaged couple and college students Joel and Emma are ready to move out of their parents' homes in Orlando, Florida. The couple decided to take the plunge and go tiny. Seeking out a space of their own, they're looking for a portable 150 sq foot home that can travel wherever their careers take them. They plan to park their tiny home in Joel's mom's backyard while they finish school. But first, they must find a tiny house that they both can agree on. Emma is looking for something quirky and Victorian with a bathtub, while Joel wants place modern and functional. The couple will have to find a space that can accommodate their differing design styles and all their belongings. Considering their $20,000 budget, finding even a tiny home will be a big challenge.

Oct 10
3:30am | 2:30c
Season 2, Episode 16

Heather plans to stay tiny when she relocates from her small home in Alaska back to Buffalo, NY.

After selling her tiny house in Alaska, dog trainer and biologist Heather is moving back home to Buffalo, NY to be close to her family. Her three dogs are relocating with her, so Heather wants a new tiny house that's big enough for all of them to live comfortably. Since she's lived tiny before, Heather knows exactly what she wants- a rustic, mobile space with full-sized appliances and a downstairs bedroom. With her cousin Amy advocating for a larger place, will Heather find a home that works?

Dec 28
11pm | 10c
Season 2, Episode 5

Tiny Home in Mom's Backyard

Newlyweds Eric and Anna are ready to move out of the cramped quarters at her parents' house in Carmel Valley, California, and into a home of their own. But they won't be moving very far. They plan to buy a tiny home and put it right in her mom and dad's backyard. The couple heads to the tiny home mecca of Portland, Oregon, where miniscule 200 square foot homes, and custom built reclaimed trailers will give them, and their $55,000 budget, the squeeze.

Apr 11
11:30pm | 10:30c
Season 3, Episode 10

Inspired to Go Tiny

Looking to get back to nature for inspiration, Portland artists Courtney and Murf are going tiny. They are downsizing from their 3,000 sq. ft. home in Portland in hopes of owning something outside of the city. Murf wants a minimalist cabin 300 sq. ft. or less. While Courtney's on board to simplify, she still needs space for her art and wants to keep some of the comforts of home. Will they find something that inspires them to go tiny?

May 30
6:30pm | 5:30c
Season 3, Episode 6

Free to be Tiny

Wanting a place of her own, kindergarten teacher Cianna is looking to buy a tiny house on wheels in Ventura, California. After renting for years, she wants the freedom to move but also the security of owning her place. She's committed to downsizing and wants to go under 200 square feet. But, she still hopes for some amenities of a larger home like a washer/dryer and full closet. Will she have to compromise on some creature comforts to own her dream house?

Aug 26
5:30pm | 4:30c
Season 3, Episode 24

Going Tiny at Sea

Wade and Hodges are downsizing to simplify their lives, but are going tiny in an unusual way -- on a sailboat! Their plan is to live and work on the boat while splitting time between Charleston, South Carolina, and the Caribbean. Wade's all about the sailing experience and wants a classic monohull, while Hodges is more concerned with the creature comforts of living aboard and prefers a catamaran. Can they compromise on a sailboat that fits both their needs?

Sep 6
12am | 11c
Season 2, Episode 14

Joy and LaToya are leaving Hawaii behind for a tiny living in California

After completing her service with the US Air Force in Hawaii, Joy is ready to relocate to Escondido, CA with her wife LaToya. As first time homeowners, they plan to purchase a tiny house so they can stay debt-free. Since Joy is starting school and LaToya will be transitioning into a new career as a blogger, they will both be working from home. They're hoping their new tiny house will be big enough for them to have separate work spaces, but they don't want to sacrifice amenities like a king-sized bed or dishwasher. Will these two find a space that works for them?

Sep 10
4:30pm | 3:30c
Season 3, Episode 28

Bachelor Goes Tiny in San Francisco, CA

Bachelor Scott is looking for a fresh start and is going tiny in San Francisco, California. With his friend Christina along for advice, Scott's hoping to find a tiny home that's over 400 square feet with a bright, open feel and a separate bedroom. He's looking at homes on a foundation with land and would like to stay in the city. Even with a $500,000 budget, will he be able to find the perfect tiny home in the country's most expensive real estate market?

Sep 19
9pm | 8c
Season 3, Episode 24

Going Tiny at Sea

Wade and Hodges are downsizing to simplify their lives, but are going tiny in an unusual way -- on a sailboat! Their plan is to live and work on the boat while splitting time between Charleston, South Carolina, and the Caribbean. Wade's all about the sailing experience and wants a classic monohull, while Hodges is more concerned with the creature comforts of living aboard and prefers a catamaran. Can they compromise on a sailboat that fits both their needs?

Oct 11
2am | 1c
Season 3, Episode 2

Dreams of Downsizing

Dreaming of living near a mountain resort, Kristen and Joe are searching for a place in the Denver, Colorado area. With a budget of $150,000 they are looking for a tiny home close to skiing and hiking. They are ready to downsize to live in this very popular area. But will they be able to sacrifice some modern conveniences for the location of their dreams?

Apr 25
3am | 2c
Season 4, Episode 9

Traveling Couple Builds Tiny

Civil engineer Charlie and his traveling nurse girlfriend Shenee are always on the road for work and are tired of living out of motels. They want to bring their home wherever work takes them, so they're building their own portable tiny house. They both want a spacious loft with plenty of storage, but Shenee's shoe collection and desire for a full-size kitchen might be too much for a tiny house to handle. With Charlie looking for a camp feel and Shenee wanting a more modern design, will they be able to agree on how to build the perfect tiny house?

Jun 2
7:30pm | 6:30c
Season 4, Episode 28

Food Scientist Goes Tiny

After traveling for work and becoming accustomed to living out of hotel rooms, food scientist Ashley is renting out her three-bedroom home and searching for a tiny house in Bentonville, Arkansas. Armed with her best friend and a $60,000 budget, Ashley hunts for something modern with ample space for her to cook and entertain.

Jun 20
12:30am | 11:30c
Season 3, Episode 5

Free-spirited Mom Goes Tiny

With her kids grown and living on their own, free-wheelin mom Tracy is feeling the itch to travel. She's looking to radically simplify her life and be able to go where she pleases in and around Alberta, Canada. Her down-to-earth daughter Lindsay is along to keep her mom in line. Together they're searching for a mobile modern cottage with plenty of space for Tracy to still play with her grandson. With a budget of $65,000 will they find a tiny home that can give her the freedom she's hoping for?

Feb 23
12pm | 11c
Season 3, Episode 9

Artist Couple Goes Tiny

Wanting more free time to spend cultivating their art, glass makers Lance and Amanda are selling their 3,000 sq. ft. New York home and moving their glass business and themselves to Asheville, NC. They're looking for a tiny home with space for two dogs and a separate building that they can convert into an art studio. But with a budget of $100,000 and very different ideas about the charms of remote mountain living, will they find a tiny home they both can love?

Feb 23
12:30pm | 11:30c
Season 4, Episode 10

Traveling Musicians Go Tiny

Houston-based traveling musicians Rob and Anitra are tired of sleeping in hotels when they're on the road performing. They want to buy plans and build a home themselves that they can take from city to city, so they've traveled to Colorado to meet with tiny house expert Jason Daye. Rob wants something modern with plenty of space for entertaining, while Anitra is on the hunt for a tiny home with cabin details and her own private space to write her music. But with a budget of $30,000 and lots of musical instruments to store, will they find a tiny option that they can both call home?

Feb 23
1pm | 12c
Season 4, Episode 13

Living Cozy in Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado, couple Natalie and Chris have decided to sell their three-bedroom home and move into a tiny house so they can enjoy more of what life has to offer, like exploring the outdoors, brewing their own beer and spending time with their infant daughter, Amelie. They have a budget of $200,000 for a tiny home and a large plot of rural land to put it on. Chris wants a house with modern style, Natalie is looking for something with a Craftsman feel, and they agree that their daughter needs her own sleeping space. Can they find a home that's a good fit for the whole family?

Feb 23
1:30pm | 12:30c
Season 3, Episode 19

A Growing Family Looks for a Mobile Tiny House in Fullerton, CA

With three young children and one more on the way, parents Rob and Robin are looking for a moveable tiny house in Fullerton, CA. They're about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and travel the country with their family, but finding a moveable tiny house with space for a large family isn't going to be easy. They're hoping to find a transportable tiny house with separate sleeping spaces for the kids, a full bathroom and the ability to go off-grid, but with a budget of $33,000 will they be able to find the perfect home?

Feb 23
2pm | 1c
Season 4, Episode 17

Going Tiny in West Virginia

College student and West Virginia resident Skye wants to be able to pick up and move wherever her career takes her after graduation, so she's going tiny. She wants to custom build her tiny home from the ground up, so she recruits her father Jimmie to accompany her to Austin, Texas, to find the perfect blueprints. Skye wants full-sized appliances and all the amenities of a normal-sized house, and she won't compromise. Will Jimmie be able to keep her expectations grounded?

Feb 23
2:30pm | 1:30c
Season 4, Episode 20

Family Shops Tiny and Mobile in Phoenix, Arizona

A Phoenix couple downsizes from their 1,800 square foot home to a tiny house nearly a sixth of that size. With their two young children in tow, this couple wants to live a less-stressful and less-cluttered lifestyle while having the ability to travel around the country. He's hoping to find a rustic, modern home with a separate office space, stairs to the lofts and storage underneath. She, however, is looking for something more farmhouse chic with ladders instead of stairs so the kids can use the extra space to play. Their builder shows them some options but can he find a home that satisfies both of their needs?

Feb 23
3pm | 2c
Season 4, Episode 23

Wanting Tiny in Washington

A Spokane, WA, native is ready to hit the reset button and make the switch to tiny. With separate budgets for the home and land, he has his eye on a 300-square-foot house with a rustic exterior and a modern interior. He wants smaller kitchen appliances, a first-floor bedroom and enough space to comfortably fit his two fully grown dogs. His ex-wife is helping with the search and thinks he needs to focus on getting a home he can grow into. Can the two come together and find him the perfect tiny home?

Feb 23
3:30pm | 2:30c

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