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Cream Colored Nursery With Changing Table and Polka Dot Chair

Elegant Sitting Area In Master Suite

Red Rec Room Seating Area

Sophisticated Girl's Bathroom With Ornate Mirror

Contemporary Bedroom Desk or Vanity in White

Bold Blue Dining Room With Art Deco Sideboard

Elegant Sitting Area With White Transitional Armchair

Contemporary Desk With Blue and Green Color Palette

Sophisticated Neutral Master Bedroom

Bright Girl's Room With Upholstered Polka Dot Desk Chair

About the Show

Follow interior designer Sarah Richardson through the entire process of purchasing a house and renovating it room by room. She starts by buying the worst house in a good neighborhood — a true fixer-upper that oozes with potential. Learn what to look for and what to avoid when house hunting with a renovation in mind. Get inside Sarah's creative mind as she decides what stays and what goes. See her do it all — budgeting, conceptualizing, managing dusty, disastrous renovations — while creating stylish touches that are her trademark. Let Sarah's House empower you with the knowledge you need to tackle your own whole-house redesign. It's nail-biting drama, practical know-how and jaw-dropping, inspiring ideas all rolled into one exciting show!

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