Run My Makeover 104: Builder-Grade Kitchen

Browse before photos of the Hall's kitchen. Currently run-of-the mill and too small for two cooks, they'd like a more spacious, custom cook space.

Stacey and Jeff Hall Need an Updated Kitchen

Meet homeowners Stacey and Jeff Hall. Their dated, builder-grade kitchen needs your help to stand out from the crowd.

Before: Small Kitchen With Builder Grade Cabinets

Stock cabinets, countertop and appliances suited Jeff as a bachelor but now that Stacey is in the picture, they're ready for a kitchen that better suits both their tastes.

Before: Boring Kitchen With No Workspace

They'd like to new, contemporary cabinets topped with a solid-surface countertop and tile or granite backsplash.

Before: Lack of Counter Space in Cramped Kitchen

Mismatched appliances and lack of countertop space are high on the list of problems they homeowners want to fix.

Before: Small, Builder-Grade Kitchen

Open to the dining and living areas, the kitchen is always visible so a stylish update will have a big impact.

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