8 Reasons Why a Muffin Tin is Your Brunch Best Friend

Think beyond the blueberry muffin and make these delicious brunch bites (no muffins included) instead. 

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One Muffin Tin, 8 Delicious Brunch Recipes

Have a basic muffin tin? You can make so much more than breakfast breads — the muffin tin makes it super-easy to dish up single-serving brunch items perfect for a crowd. Here are 8 fun new ways to use yours.

French Toast for All

French toast is a crowd favorite, and it's also practical for hosts, since it transforms stale bread, milk, eggs and other kitchen staples into something delicious. Bonus: This version is bite-sized and finished with cinnamon crumb topping. Yum! 

Make This: Crumble-Topped French Toast Bites

Latke Cups You'll Love

Using pre-made hash browns from the freezer section of the supermarket makes this recipe easy to whip up with just a few minutes of prep time. (Bonus: You'll look like a total brunch pro.) 

Make This: Hash Brown Cups With Smoked Salmon

Huevos Rancheros

Baking instead of frying this classic Tex-Mex dish makes it easy to kick back with a cocktail instead of hovering over the stove. Brunch win! 

Make This: Muffin-Tin Huevos Rancheros 

Bite-Sized Southern Goodness

Using a muffin tin to make these shrimp and grits bites means they're pre-portioned and ready for guests. Make ahead and serve at room temperature, or heat in a low oven just before the party. 

Make This: Cheddar Polenta Cups With Shrimp

Sausage-Stuffed Pancakes

You'll need more than a short stack of these delicious sausage-filled pancakes.

Make This: Sausage-Stuffed Pancakes 

Mix-and-Match Frittatas

Serve up some individuality with this easy frittata idea. Provide plenty of add-ins so guests can customize their own mini frittata. This is a great clean-out-the-fridge party idea, too: Have leftover olives and feta from your last cheese plate or roasted cauliflower from last night's dinner? Add them to the toppings bar. 

Make This: DIY Frittata Bar 

Upgrade Your Oatmeal

Forget everything you think you know about basic oatmeal. Here's how to upgrade this super-affordable, weekday breakfast staple for weekend brunch. 

Make This: Banana-Hazelnut Baked Oatmeal

Have a Mini Pizza Party

Everyone loves pizza for breakfast, but you probably shouldn't serve party guests a cold slice from last night's delivery. Instead, use a muffin tin to make bite-sized breakfast pizzas that can be customized to guests' tastes and dietary needs. 

Make This: Deep-Dish Breakfast Pizza

Bite-Sized Brunch

Yeah, that muffin tin has definitely earned its keep in your kitchen. 

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