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House Hunters takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode shows the process as buyers search for a home.
Season 75, Episode 12

Chicago Couple Wants Deck to Deep Fry Turkeys

J.L. and Erica currently live on the top floor of a Chicago rental, but since they're planning to start a family they've decided it's time to buy their first home. Erica wants a modern home that doesn't have stairs. J.L. prefers a bungalow, and is focused on a nice deck where he can deep fry turkeys. Can they find a place that will meet their needs, or will they be stuck in their walk-up rental?

Jan 20
2:30pm | 1:30c
Season 93, Episode 9

Couple Searches for Vacation Cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Arkansas couple, Aundrea and Jim, are excited to buy a vacation cabin in the Great Smoky Mountain resort town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The plan is to use it several times a year, and rent it out on the other days. The problem? Jim's only focused on getting the best rental rate, and is looking for a large place that can sleep around 8 people. Aundrea wants a smaller, couple's retreat that they can enjoy for a weekend getaway. Who will win out?

Jan 29
7:30pm | 6:30c
Season 95, Episode 1

Vacation Home Wanted in Telluride, Colorado

Kurt and his 4 kids have been coming from Indianapolis to Telluride, Colorado, on vacation for several years. They love the incredible skiing in the winter, and the hiking and bicycling in the summer. Now, he's ready to buy a vacation home that he can share with his family before they're all grown up and scattered. With his daughter on hand to speak for the kids, he's searching for a house with historical value. Since Telluride's core area has been designated a National Historic Landmark District, he'll have some options, but even with a $3,000,000 budget, he might have trouble finding what he wants in this highly desirable mountain paradise.

Feb 13
10pm | 9c
Season 94, Episode 10

Newlyweds Debate Southwestern Style of Las Cruces, New Mexico

Ever since Kris moved to Las Cruces to be with Trevor, she's grown to love New Mexico. But the Southwestern house style Trevor loves is a no-go for Kris. Now that they're buying their first home together, can these newlyweds negotiate their first big disagreement?

Feb 15
6pm | 5c
Season 92, Episode 2

Young Couple Loves Old West Charm in Sheridan, Wyoming

Jess and Brett are in love with Sheridan, Wyoming's small town charm. So they're ready settle down and buy their first home here. But she wants a historic Craftsman with lots of projects, and he wants a rustic log cabin that's move-in ready. Can these first time buyers meet in the middle or are they headed for a showdown in the old west?

Feb 16
8pm | 7c
Season 86, Episode 5

Alabama Family Seeks Lakeside Vacation Home

Paul and Neely live in Helena, Alabama, near Birmingham, and love taking family vacations at Lake Martin two hours away. This past year they bought a boat and have decided that they need a house to go with it. Paul would like a "fish camp" style place like the houses that were built on the lake in the 1920's and 30's, while Neely would be very happy with a cottage-like home with great views. Can they agree on a dream vacation house, or be stuck driving 4 hours every weekend?

Apr 3
3pm | 2c
Season 104, Episode 12

City Folks Move to Rural Minot, ND

A new job has brought Houston city folks to quiet and rural Minot, ND. The family is squeezed into a hotel room until they find the house of their dreams: something luxurious enough for her but practical enough for him within a $500,000 budget.

Aug 12
10pm | 9c
Season 100, Episode 8

Jersey Shore Style Smackdown

A New Jersey couple has a big disagreement on the Jersey Shore. He dreams a shot-gun style, low-maintenance home, while she would love a Cape Cod they can fix up. Add to their list that she's afraid of old houses, so won't live in anything built before 1960, and he insists on buying something on a raised foundation to fend off hurricane damage.

Aug 28
2am | 1c
Season 93, Episode 2

New Yorkers Head to Arizona for Square Footage and Peace

A New York artist and an accountant move to Arizona to find a more family friendly environment for their daughter. In a home, they're hoping to find what they lacked in New York, namely square footage. But navigating their differences while adjusting to the area's real estate market proves more challenging than they anticipated.

Oct 17
10:30pm | 9:30c
Season 92, Episode 11

Exotic Cars and 3 Million Dollar Homes in L.A.'s Pacific Palisades

Newlyweds Luis and Kena are looking for a home in L.A.'s Pacific Palisades that can accommodate their combined five children, and his collection of exotic sports cars. And ocean views are a must. But even with a 3 million dollar budget, the ultra high price of real estate on the California coast mean's they'll have to compromise somehwere.

Nov 1
1:30am | 12:30c
Season 89, Episode 3

Chicago Couple Seeks Condo With No Chandeliers

Kevin and Kara are looking for a Chicago condo with at least two bedrooms, and no en-suite master bathroom. Kevin's looking for an industrial-style loft with space for a dark room, and absolutely no chandeliers. Kara would like to find a traditional brownstone that only has three or four units. How will this couple find everything they want with such different design requirements and a very modest budget?

Nov 5
12pm | 11c
Season 108, Episode 1

Newlyweds Search for a Water View Home in St. Augustine

These Florida newlyweds sold their house so quickly they were forced to move in with his parents until they could find a new house for themselves. With a $300,000 budget, these two are hoping to get everything they want in their next home, including a waterfront view. But finding everything they want in St. Augustine's trendy real estate market may be more difficult than they expected.

Nov 26
1am | 12c
Season 106, Episode 10

Texas College Professor and Wife Debate Midcentury Modern vs. Victorian

A college professor and his family have been living in a tiny two-bedroom on-campus apartment for too long. He's looking for a midcentury modern, while she's looking for a Victorian home similar to the kind she grew up in with tons of vintage charm.

May 22
5:30pm | 4:30c
Season 114, Episode 13

Pennsylvania Newlyweds Differ on Dream of New Home

Newlyweds in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, dream of buying a spacious home for their extended family. Their wishes are put to the test as she pushes for a move-in-ready Colonial and he insists on getting the split-level home of his childhood, even if it needs work.

May 23
10pm | 9c
Season 114, Episode 13

Pennsylvania Newlyweds Differ on Dream of New Home

Newlyweds in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, dream of buying a spacious home for their extended family. Their wishes are put to the test as she pushes for a move-in-ready Colonial and he insists on getting the split-level home of his childhood, even if it needs work.

May 24
1am | 12c
Season 77, Episode 1

San Diego Family Searches for Vintage Cottage By the Bay

Young parents, Andrew and Terrie, love the laid-back lifestyle in Ocean Beach, a neighborhood in San Diego, California. But raising two little girls in a cramped rental apartment is no longer working, especially when everyone is crowded into the hot galley kitchen at the same time. They're searching for a starter home with tons of vintage charm for Terrie, and a large yard for Andrew. But even with a $575,000 budget, they'll both have to make big sacrifices to find their dream cottage by the bay.

May 24
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 86, Episode 7

Single Woman Priced Out of L.A. Looks for a Unique Home In Phoenix

Shortly after relocating to Los Angeles for work, Allison realized she was priced out of L.A.'s pricey housing market. So she's headed back to her hometown, Phoenix, where prices are more reasonable. But finding a home with character within her modest budget is still going to be challenge. Can her old friend, Jason, a Phoenix local, help her find a diamond in the rough?

May 24
8am | 7c
Season 94, Episode 2

Newly Engaged Couple Seeks Condo in Chicago

Engaged couple Katie and Greg are currently living in separate tiny apartments in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, so they're ready to get their first place together. She wants a traditional brownstone with a white kitchen and definitely a laundry room. He's hoping to find a mid-century modern style condo with a bit of a 60's swagger. They'll have to make some compromises if they want to find a place that will make them both happy.

May 24
8:30am | 7:30c
Season 76, Episode 3

Couple Hunts for Beach Vacation Home on Florida's Gulf Coast

Joe and Blair, a newlywed couple from Atlanta, Georgia, are looking for a vacation condo five hours south on the Northern Gulf coast of Florida. Although they agree they want a modern high-rise building that's beachfront, Blair wants the popular (and often spendier) family scene of Destin. Business minded Joe, on the other hand, would rather be an hour east in West Panama City Beach, an up and coming area with better prices and newer properties. But trying to find something that either of them wants within their $315,000 dollar budget won't be easy in this popular vacation destination.

May 24
9am | 8c
Season 89, Episode 13

A Tale of Two Styles in the Mile High City

Neither Andy nor Laura wants to give up their desired architectural style in this Denver house hunt. He wants Victorian and she wants Craftsman. Who will win this battle of styles in the Mile High City?

May 24
9:30am | 8:30c
Season 92, Episode 12

Army Staff Sergeant Wants it All in the DC Area

Army Staff Sargeant, Shanise, is eager to move her 3 kids off of a Washington D.C. area Army base and into her first place. Problem is, she wants a brand new home with high end details in the pricey burbs, while sticking to a $300,000 to $350,000 budget. Meanwhile, her outspoken friend, Rasheedah, is pushing her to get an updated, older home that's closer in. How much is she willing to compromise to get everything she wants?

May 24
10am | 9c
Season 80, Episode 13

He Wants Big Land But She Wants a Big House in Texas

Eric, Kelly, and their 2 young boys are sharing a one-bedroom guest house on Eric's parents' 9-acre ranch. With all 4 crammed into a single bedroom, this young family is in desperate need of more space. Kelly, who stays home with the kids, wants a large, updated house with plenty of room to grow. Eric, who has gotten used to the privacy and space of his parents' acreage, wants at least an acre of land. With a budget of $225,000 it's next to impossible to find both, so will it be big house, or big land?

May 24
10:30am | 9:30c
Season 87, Episode 2

Leaving Cold Kentucky Winters for Sun and Surf in Myrtle Beach

Rick and Ann want to trade cold Kentucky winters for sun and surf in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Views are number one on Ann's wish list, but Rick would prefer to get more house for their money farther inland. Will he convince her to give up oceanfront for ocean near?

May 24
11am | 10c
Season 81, Episode 11

A Seattle Couple is Eager To Find a Spacious Home With Character

Seattle natives, Nick and Hillary, would like to get out of Nick's small bachelor pad and into an older, Pacific Northwestern house with lots of character. Nick's top priority is plenty of storage space for his collection of nearly 1000 bottles of wines. Hillary's more focused on making sure they buy a home in the family-oriented community of Laurelhurst. But that might be a big challenge, since that particular area is not only pricey, but also low on inventory.

May 24
11:30am | 10:30c
Season 100, Episode 7

Tight Budget and Big Dreams in Nashville

A couple has a relatively low $200,000 budget to find a home in the up-and-coming area of East Nashville, but that hasn't stopped them from making a lengthy wish list. She wants a Craftsman with a big master bedroom, an oversized shower, and an updated kitchen. Being in the construction industry, he wants something well-built, preferably a brick house, that doesn't need a lot of work. Good luck with that.

May 24
12pm | 11c
Season 111, Episode 13

But Will the Sofa Fit?

A flight attendant and a translator would love to buy a house in the Baltimore neighborhood of Greektown. But in city known for its narrow townhouses and rowhomes, finding a place that's big and wide enough to fit their supersized sofa won't be easy.

May 25
10pm | 9c

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