How To Paint a Chevron-Patterned Dresser

Give a basic chest of drawers designer flair with a painted chevron pattern.
Bold Chevron-Painted Dresser in Purples and Pink

Bold Chevron-Painted Dresser in Purples and Pink

Materials Needed:

  • chest of drawers with flat, smooth drawer fronts
  • electric sander
  • sanding pads
  • extension cord
  • drop cloth
  • tape measure
  • straight edge
  • carpenter's pencil
  • painters' tape
  • angled paint brush
  • paint pan
  • roller handle
  • roller sleeve
  • pan liner
  • sketch pad
  • detail brush
  • latex paint
  • primer
  • sealant

Choose Proper Drawers

When choosing chests of drawers, stick with styles that have smooth, flat drawer fronts. Wood is often the easiest material to work with since it can be sanded and it takes paint easily.

Dresser for DIY Paint Project

Dresser for DIY Paint Project

Sand Dresser

Using an electric sander, sanding pads and an extension cord, remove existing finishes from stained or painted wood, or smooth down any splinters or rough patches found in raw wood.

Sanding a Wooden Dresser

Sanding a Wooden Dresser

Add Primer or Base Color

In order to ensure the best finish, add two coats of either primer or a base color to the drawer fronts, sides and top using a paint roller.

Priming a Wooden Dresser Before Painting

Priming a Wooden Dresser Before Painting

Sketch Chevron Design

Using a carpenter's pencil, create a chevron design on a sketch pad, then note placement of each color with colored pencils. Use the sketch as a guide for placing, tracing and painting the chevron pattern.

Painting tip: When choosing colors for the chevron design, keep in mind that odd numbers work best for visual balance. Three, five and seven are often the most popular number choices for designers.

Mark Your Design on the Dresser

First, mark the center line. Using a tape measure and/or straight edge, mark a vertical line down the center of all drawer fronts with carpenter's pencil. This line will be used as a guide for placing the peaks (top points) and valleys (bottom points) for each chevron.

Mark the thickness. Next, add marks along the edges of drawers to dictate the thickness of each chevron using carpenter's pencil. Use a variety of thicknesses, or measure them so they're all square.

Mark the drop of each chevron.
To create your chevron outline, drop down 5 inches from your side marks, making a hash mark on the center line with carpenter's pencil. Next, connect the dots with a straight edge and carpenter's pencil.

Tape and Paint the Chevrons

Add painters tape to the outside edges of each marked chevron. Using a paint brush or roller, add color inside of the taped off areas.

Once dry to the touch, reposition tape directly onto the inside edge of the newly painted chevron. Repeat this step until all chevrons have been painted.

Touch Up and Seal Paint

After all tape has been removed, touch up any imperfect areas with a detail brush. Once touch up paint is dry, seal drawer fronts with a single coat of sealant.

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