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What's it like to live in paradise? See how the other half lives. 

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What is it really like to live on Hawaii? Local and insiders share their favorite spots, favorite foods, and more.

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You just have to want in paradise. Find out what it's really like to escape to the islands.

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You don't have to be rich to live in Hawaii — you just have to want it, say the brokers at the Hawaii Life realty firm who make island-living dreams come true for clients ready to make it a reality. In Hawaii, properties range from $50K plots of land to $50 million-dollar dream homes, from Oahu to Kauai to the Big Island to Maui. The firm's 130+ brokers are unlikely real estate moguls, people who themselves have made the leap to the life in Hawaii, as they call it, and who want to see that others can enjoy it too. This half-hour real estate series will follow the firm's endless stream of clients who are abandoning their 9 to 5 lives in Anywhere, U.S.A., to take hold of a Hawaii Life .
Season 5, Episode 2

A single mother searches for new start on Oahu

After receiving an exciting job offer, Angie Wingert has decided to relocate from cold central Pennsylvania to sunny Oahu, Hawaii. With Hawaii Life agent Sarah Scott, Angie will look at several different homes contrasting the different lifestyles of the island. Unsure which will work best for her, Angie must decide if the downtown city life is better for her than the country plantation-style living, available on eastern Oahu.

Nov 9
8:30pm | 7:30c
Season 4, Episode 10

A Georgian family looks to reconnect with their roots on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Matthew and Malia met in the military and immediately bonded over their mutual Hawaiian ancestry. Now, after years of married life in Georgia, the Givens have decided to relocate their family to Hawaii to reconnect with their heritage and pass it along to their three children. After connecting with Big Island agent Julie Edens, Matthew and Malia search for a home that fits the needs of their growing family as well as Matthew's desire to live near a golf course.

Nov 24
3:30am | 2:30c
Season 5, Episode 1

A single sailor searches for her first home on the island of Oahu

Feena Dwiggins has spent the past few years traveling around the world as a fire control-man with the US Navy. When her first opportunity for shore duty came up-she knew exactly where she wanted to go, Hawaii. With her new position at Pearl Harbor, Feena is looking forward to staying on dry land and wants to purchase a condo on Oahu. With the help of Hawaii Life Agent Jayney Arden, Feena is hoping to find a two bedroom, two bath property with a view for under $400,000. And being from North Carolina, Feena can't live without her air conditioning! With her busy lifestyle, a condo is the perfect fit for Feena, because she'd rather spend her free time soaking up the sun than mowing the lawn. But after touring both homes and condos, Feena has to decide just how badly she wants to avoid doing yard work.

Dec 8
3am | 2c
Season 5, Episode 8

A young North Dakota surgeon and her husband search for a home near her new job on Oahu.

Irminne and Russell Van Dyken have been stuck in snowy North Dakota while Irminne finished her surgical residency. Now that she has found a job at a new hospital on Oahu, they are thrilled to finally leave the cold winters behind. Hawaii Life Broker Cathy Possedi helps the Van Dykens find a unique home with beautiful views.

Dec 8
3:30am | 2:30c
Season 4, Episode 12

A local family looks to return to the beach by buying a home near Maui's North Shore.

Kaleo and Sarah Amadeo are Maui natives that live on the island of Maui with their four young children. Kaleo is an avid surfer, paddleboarder, and all-around "water man" and is looking to relocate his family back to neighborhoods along Maui's scenic North Shore. After meeting with experienced Hawaii Life agent Georgie Hunter and explaining their need for space and beach access, the Amadeos look at a diverse variety of properties, from a fully finished move-in ready homes, to fixer-uppers that will offer them a better value for their dollar.

Aug 18
3:30pm | 2:30c
Season 5, Episode 5

A single mom with an empty nest seeks a new life in Hilo.

Shirley Edwards is a single mom with three grown sons who have all moved out of her Boston home. Faced with an empty nest, Shirley decided she needed to leave the snowy Boston winters, especially since her muscle is no longer around to help her shovel snow. After seeing an open position for a Director of Operations for a Home Health agency in Hilo, Shirley immediately applied and secured the job. Now, with the help of Hawaii Life Agent Bruce Kekeuwa, Shirley needs to find a new home on the Big Island. As excited as she is for her new life, Shirley is sad to leave her group of friends, the Divas, behind so it's essential that her new nest have enough bedrooms and bathrooms to host her frequent visitors, as well as a magnificent view to show off.

Aug 18
4pm | 3c
Season 6, Episode 8

Oregon Couple Seeks Hawaii Sun

Maui native Jeff Keyes loved growing up in Hawaii but moved to Oregon after college to experience snow for the first time. There he met and fell in love with Mindy Sue Werth, an artist, and realized how much he missed island living. Now, having found a job as a golf pro on the Big Island, Jeff has convinced his girlfriend to try living in the sunshine for a change. With the help of Hawaii Life Agent Jan Nores, the couple is looking to buy their first property together. Along with their own wants, their dog Tumi's needs are at the top of their wishlist- a yard to run around in. Hardwood floors for Tumi's paws, and enough space inside for Tumi to be comfortable.

Oct 11
8:30pm | 7:30c
Season 6, Episode 6

Back to the Big Island

Shari Streuker grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii but left after college to see the world. Now that her parents are getting older, Shari has decided to buy a home in her hometown of Hilo. Hawaii Life Agent Bruce Kekuewa has his work cut out for him, as Shari is working with a small budget but needs a three bedroom home with a large fenced yard for her dogs.

Nov 1
7:30pm | 6:30c
Season 7, Episode 3

Perfect Timing for Wisconsin Couple to Move to Oahu

Michelle and Michael have been living in Milwaukee, Wisc. for most of their lives but always found themselves escaping to Hawaii. The Wisconsin winters caused the couple to constantly hibernate, and they knew a move to warmer weather was in their future. While on vacation in Honolulu, they decided it was time to stop dreaming and make the move a reality. With the help of their Hawaii Life broker, David Buck, they hope to find a multiple-bedroom house or condo near the beach with city conveniences.

Nov 16
12:30am | 11:30c
Season 5, Episode 13

Setting Down Roots on Oahu

George and Lois Deuel have dreamed of living in Hawaii for over a decade. When George was given his most recent assignment and had the option of choosing Hawaii, he jumped on it. With the help of Hawaii Life Agent Sandra Sagisi Moser and ideas from their young son Lance, the Deuels struggle to decide which property is the perfect fit for them.

Nov 22
9:30pm | 8:30c
Season 5, Episode 10

A family finally takes the plunge and makes the move to Hawaii that they have always dreamed of.

Kevin and Kelly Herendeen have been vacationing in Hawaii for years, along with their two children, Reese and Riley. The couple always wanted to live on the Big Island one day, but it was their teenage daughter Riley who encouraged Kevin to speak to his job about working remotely. After contacting Hawaii Life Agent Ro Scarbrough, the family is ready to find their dream home.

Nov 30
12am | 11c
Season 7, Episode 13

California Couple Looks for Lots of Land on Kauai

Tripp and Deja have spent many vacations in Hawaii and fell in the love with the north shore of Kauai. The couple lives in a busy community of San Diego and have decided that city life isn't for them anymore. Kauai couldn't be a better place for the active couple. Tripp is an avid surfer and loves the surf breaks Kauai offers. Deja loves to ride horses which is perfect since there's a large horse community on the island too. With the expertise of Hawaii Life agent Cate McCann Fleming, Tripp and Deja hope to find a home soon so they can start their new life in Hawaii.

Dec 7
3am | 2c
Season 7, Episode 12

Montana Parents of Six Downsize for Cooler Lifestyle on Kauai

Stacey and Julia came to Kauai on vacation years ago and felt like it was meant to be their home, but they were raising six kids in a 4000 square-foot home in Montana and couldn't make their dream a reality. With just two kids remaining at home now, Stacey and Julia have enlisted Hawaii Life agent Lauren Pingree to help them find a smaller place that still offers room for their older kids to come visit. Since they'll be downsizing, they're looking for tons of outdoor space to enjoy the year-round sunshine.

Dec 25
10:30am | 9:30c

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