Before and After: 35 Incredible Flea Market Flips

Upcycled furniture, re-imagined scrap metal and so much more: We've got it all here! Check out our favorite flips from season 5.

Before: Antique and Ordinary

This antique bar cabinet was in great shape already, but the style looked dated and could use an exciting update.

After: Bolder Bar Cabinet

A darker stain and cute key drawer pulls add an extra layer of depth to this traditional bar cabinet.

Before: Bookshelf + Shutters

For their "Stealthy Storage" project, teammates Dani and Mo purchased an old bookcase and pair of black shutters.  

After: Colorful Concealment

What a transformation! A stylish paint job and a pretty patterned wallpaper turn an old bookshelf and window shutter into an adorable shelf with concealed storage.

Before: Industrial Pieces

What can you do with a milk can and an industrial baking pan?

After: Innovative Side Table

You turn them into a one-of-a-kind side table with a removable tray that also works great as a mini bar cart for entertaining.

Before: Nothing Special Chairs

For their "Pattern Play" project, Alicia and Erin hope to add a wow factor to these basic chairs.  

After: Stylish Seating

Now these folding teak chairs look super stylish with a funky pattern and soft seats.

Before: Worn-Out Hutch

This old brown cabinet was missing hardware and desperately needed some freshening up.

After: Simple Sophistication

With a bright white paint job and the addition of a wallpaper back with a modern print, this once-dated hutch would be the perfect addition to any home.

Before: Basic Baking Rack

A collapsible metal bakery rack is already great for storage, but Erin and Alicia plan to give it a bit more pizzazz.

After: Rustic Upgrade

Wood panels and a few coats of bronze paint turn this bakery cart into the perfect "Rustic to Refined" project for Erin and Alicia.

Before: Waning in White

This bench was cute, but the upholstery was dated, and the all-white look wouldn't cut it for Chris and Max's "Contrast Design" project.

After: Pop of Color

Cheery yellow paint and a fun pop art fabric turned this bench into the colorful showstopper Chris and Max had hoped for.

Before: Not All There

A red oak traditional Morris chair was an awesome find, and Katey and Leigh hoped to give it the makeover it deserved.

After: Cozy New Life

Comfy cushions covered with a gorgeous blanket really show off the beautiful woodworking on this classic piece.

Before: Typical Ladder

Think you know how Chris and Max plan to transform this ladder for their "Durable Design" project?

After: Personal Touch

With a simple switch, this ladder went from a basic tool to a rustic picture display.

Before: Dull Dining

Before the makeover, this drop-leaf table featured chipped paint, and the black stools lacked style.

After: Restructured Design

Totally redone, Chris and Max gave the drop-leaf table a black and white paint job, added shelf and utility basket. The stools were given a mod makeover with colorful fabric.

Before: Mystery Makeover

For their "Dine In" project, Katey and Leigh bought a yellow painted door and two wooden stools.  

After: Table for Two

Katey and Leigh really used their imaginations with this one, transforming a plain door into a charming café table.  

Before: Time for a Change

For their "Remix" project, James and Jill bought a rusty outdoor trellis and clock.  

After: Style Meets Function

Three shelves add utility to this innovative project that resembles a modern grandfather clock.  

Before: Sad Seating

Karla and Michelle snagged an Egyptian revival chair and a simple wooden chair for their "Fabric" project.

After: Perfect Pair

Karla and Michelle repurposed the plain wooden chair into a charming footstool. They then covered the chair and stool in matching fabric for a cohesive look.

Before: Rusty Beginnings

For their "Color Design" project, Karla and Michelle plan to combine an industrial cart and some vintage wooden yardsticks.  

After: Repurposed Rainbow

After the makeover, this cart could not be cuter with a rainbow of colors and a smart wooden top made of vintage yardsticks.

Before: Set of Windows

It's hard to imagine how James and Jill will use three old windows for their "Fabric" project.

After: Stylish Separator

With a bit of creativity and a lot of TLC, the old windows were transformed into a beautiful room divider, complete with gorgeous fabric.  

Before: A Good Start

For their "Sets and Pairs" project, Marc and Dion obtained a fabulous pair of 1965 Danish teak stools.  

After: Only a Spruce

The wood was sanded and stained, and the seats were padded and reupholstered for a modern new look.

Before: Extravagant Frames

Marc and Dion chose a couple of elaborate gold and black frames for their "Twisted Traditional" project.

After: Unexpected Side Tables

After the makeover, the two frames are now two elegant side tables with a story.

Before: Dated Duo

For their "Reclaimed Modern" project, Tony and Suzanne purchased a round table and old door with peeling paint.  

After: Converted Coffee Table

Tony and Suzanne reused the round table's sleek legs and combined them with a freshly-painted door to create a charming coffee table.

Before: Sturdy Secretary

This oak secretary was already a nice, solid piece, but it could definitely stand to be updated.  

After: Chalkboard Finish

Blue chalkboard paint gives this secretary an updated look with a cool matte finish.  

Before: Traditional Trunk

Suzanne and Tony chose a cool vintage trunk for their "World Design Project."

After: British Beauty

A painted British flag on top and cool metal legs take this trunk to a whole new level — literally.  

Before: Base Model

A Singer sewing machine base will get a brand new look after Carolyn and Robert use it for their "Rustic to Refined" project.  

After: Adorable Desk

Carolyn and Robert added a lovely wooden top and drawers for a very handy and incredibly attractive desk.  

Before: Strange Selection

A garden fence and a corbel from the 1800s don't seem like the ideal candidates for Amanda and Susan's "Seating Assignment" project.

After: Mind-Blowing Bench

Now completed, this handsome bench proves that thinking outside the box really pays off.

Before: Classic Cabinet

This wooden cabinet is missing some pieces but is in fairly good shape otherwise.  

After: Sophisticated Design

Amanda and Susan turned imperfections into major strengths when they converted this once-dated piece into a stunning wine cabinet.  

Before: Functional Drafting Table

Aaron and Angie are off to a good start with this drafting table and pair of stools they plan to update for their "Bachelor Pad" project.  

After: Contemporary Remix

Padded seating and a fresh new paint job make this table the perfect addition to any bachelor pad.

Before: Dingy Cart Frame

This industrial cart frame is such a cool find, but it's hard to imagine Aaron and Angie will be able to get it shining again.

After: On Trend Coffee Table

The duo worked their magic, turning the rusty cart frame into an industrial-style coffee table that is sure to turn some heads.  

Before: Carpenter Trunk

For their "Textile" project, Rae and Jared chose a cool carpenter trunk with tons of character.

After: Stylish Bench Seating

After the makeover, this trunk became even cooler with modern legs and a beautiful fabric-covered seat.  

Before: Junk Pile

For their "Smart Storage" project, Rae and Jared assembled a collection of metal drawers, boxes and bins. 

After: Mix-and-Match Storage

Their amazing industrial cabinet would be the perfect addition to a craft room or to add to the garage for tool storage. 

Before: Boring Trunk

Before the makeover, this wooden trunk was in decent shape, but there was really nothing special about it.

After: All in the Details

For their "Multi-Purpose Design" project, Cindy and Lynn added wheels and super cool stenciling showing popular NYC destinations. 

Before: Obvious Potential

A saloon door is a great find, but how will Cindy and Lynn combine it with this basic buffet for their "Retro Chic" project?

After: Multipurpose Furniture

With a seamless marriage of the buffet and saloon door, Cindy and Lynn were able to create a combination bar and storage console. 

Before: Slice of History

This Edison Dictaphone is pretty fantastic all on its own, so we can't wait to see how Cindy and Lynn make it even better.

After: History Preserved

By adding an attractive glass top, Cindy and Lynn were able to add modern function to this incredible find.

Before: Endless Options

For their "Simple Living" project, Dina and Shanna chose an old wooden cabinet with loads of potential. 

After: Stand-Out Makeover

The duo really made the cabinet stand out with a vibrant new paint job and fun patterned wallpaper which is put on display with the new glass-front door. 

Before: Retired Storage

A couple of wooden typesetting trays and metal drawers seem like the perfect start for Shanna and Dina's "Radical Reimagine" project.

After: Creative Coffee Table

Now a coffee table, Shanna and Dina really showed off their ingenuity with this innovative project. 

Before: Mixed Metals

Melody and Patty plan to combine industrial drawers and a metal cabinet to make a unique console table.

After: Rustic Contemporary

A new top, wooden drawers with rope pulls and legs that accommodate the green drawers give this console table a one-of-a-kind look that potential buyers will love. 

Before: Beautiful Details

For their "Great Pieces" project, Melody and Patty chose a traditional bed frame with an ornate headboard and footboard. 

After: Beautiful Bench

The team reimagined the headboard into a stunning bench with gorgeous lines and a comfy seat.

Before: Rickety Bones

For their "Mod Makeover" project, Dana and Jarmaz hope to bring this rusted bar cart back to its former glory.

After: Major Improvement

Some TLC and lovely wooden additions give this bar cart the rustic-meets-modern look the pair was hoping for.

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