Brother Vs. Brother: Giving Back with Rebuilding Together

In the final episode of Brother Vs. Brother season three, the winning brother, Jonathan, chooses which charity will receive the proceeds from each build. Check out how Jonathan and Drew are helping rebuild their community!

Photo By: Cynthia Baca

Photo By: Cynthia Baca

Photo By: Amelinda B. Lee

Photo By: Amelinda B. Lee

Photo By: Amelinda B. Lee

Photo By: Amelinda B. Lee

Photo By: Amelinda B. Lee

Photo By: Amelinda B. Lee

Photo By: Amelinda B. Lee

Photo By: Amelinda B. Lee

Photo By: Amelinda B. Lee

Photo By: Amelinda B. Lee

Photo By: Amelinda B. Lee

Jonathan and Drew go head-to-head to renovate run down properties and see who can gain the biggest return on investment. Proceeds from each build support Rebuilding Together to help revitalize the brothers' hometown of Las Vegas.

Before - Transition Services, Inc.

Donation from HGTV to Rebuilding Together provided much needed renovations to a facility owned by Transition Services, Inc., a Las Vegas non-profit organization that provides meaningful work for adults with developmental disabilities.

After - Transition Services, Inc.

A new roof, irrigation system, landscaping and walkway are just a few updates made possible by the donation. Unseen is the replacement of an HVAC system, new bathroom and kitchen with appliances. 

Press Conference

Representatives from Rebuilding Together, City of Las Vegas and United States Congress gather to greet Jonathan and JD Scott to annouce the good news.

A Certificate from US Senator Harry Reid

Kamber Davoren, constituent of United States Senator Harry Reid, presents a certificate to Jonathan and JD for their support of the work Rebuilding Together does in the State of Nevada.

Jonathan Takes the Mic

"We had this crazy idea last year. We told HGTV we wanted to take Brother Vs. Brother, bring it back home to Las Vegas and make it a competition between me and my brother flipping houses with all the proceeds going back to the community."

JD Tells on Jonathan

"I'm the ring leader. If you watched Brother Vs. Brother, you got to see some pretty interesting dares along the way. Jonathan may have taken it all off at one point...but, it was for a great cause."

Priceless Art

Clients of Transition Services, Inc. present Jonathan and JD with a canvas to say thank you.

A Hug Says it All

Clients of Transition Services, Inc. embrace Cynthia Baca, executive director of Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada, and Jonathan.

Scissors Ready...

...Officially Open!

Scoot over and let me sign!

Jonathan and JD commemorate the event by signing the ribbon that officially opened the new facility on August 13, 2015.

Say Rebuilding Together!

L to R: JD Scott, Sally Rothfuss (Executive Director of Transition Services, Inc.), Cynthia Baca (Executive Director, Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada), Jonathan Scott

See the Resemblance?

Jonathan and JD explore the products clients of Transition Services, Inc. create. TSI provides meaningful work for adults with developmental issues. 

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