Fresno California Showdown: The Fabulous Fifties vs. Really Good Bones

Episode HSHH-104H

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In the heart of California, two totally different designers, Christine Ubbink and Nathan Fischer, take on identical model homes to make over 5 rooms ranging from a retro-glamorous master bedroom to an eye-popping bright den. With diverse masculine and feminine elements, and everything from sculpted flowers to wainscoting going up everywhere, Nathan and Christine stretch their creativity and budgets to the limit, along with their nerves. In just a week, two houses that started out the same look totally different, as our designers create a dining room, a kitchen with a nook, a master bedroom, a den and a spacious great room. Then the potential home-buyers in the Fresno area tour both of the finished houses, and their votes pick the winner of this Showhouse Showdown. And you never know which way the local market will go until we throw open the doors.