Claymont, Delaware Showdown: Getting Twisted vs. Deluxe Casual

Episode HSHH-103H

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In historic Claymont Delaware designers, Quentin Eshleman and Nile Johnson, show that there is more than one way to create exciting interiors in a multilevel townhouse, bringing in some edgy details and surprising elements. With everything from a 23-foot-tall striped wall to a bejeweled alligator, Quentin and Nile design the same five rooms on the same budget, but the houses look so different in the end it's hard to believe they ever looked the same. In just a week, working in matching townhouses, they finish the dining room, a powder room, the master bedroom, the kitchen and a very problematic but prominent landing. Then the potential local buyers tour the finished townhouses, and their votes pick the winner of this Showhouse Showdown. Both designers hit some real highs and lows along the way, so it's anyone's guess who will win.