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  • HSLD-105H
    Lucy Richardson works with new clients looking for a home that must meet their specific neighborhood, layout and budget requirements. The only way Lucy can succeed is to make them compromise or she'll lose a deal. Meanwhile, an interior arc

  • HSLD-104H
    Rosy Khalastchy's long-time client has gutted his $9M North London home and is stuck. If the veteran agent can convince the owner to follow through with his reno, they'll both make bigger bucks when it's time to sell. Meanwhile, on the famo

  • HSLD-106H
    A well known London-based actress is ready to leave the city and sell her $9M home; she's asked her agent to help her find the perfect country abode. Unfamiliar with that territory, the agent educates himself on the out-of-town market fast.

  • HSLD-107H
    London agent, Gary Hersham, is hired to find his polo playing pal a full-time London home. But even with a budget of $16M, Gary can't find a place that meets his friend's specific needs. The agent will be stuck at a standstill unless he can

  • HSLD-108H
    Agent Martin Bikhit is selling a condo with a garden as is its best feature. He's got an interested party who loves the outdoor space, but hates all work that needs to go into the interior. To win her over and make the deal, Martin needs to

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London is one of the world's most sophisticated cities — but the competitive real estate market isn't always regal! From luxury mansions to modest flats, the city's buyers and sellers expect royal treatment. Follow the city's most elite agents as they try to sell some of the most gorgeous homes in the world.