If You Build It

Episode HSLA-105H

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When a high-powered development company buys a distressed home at auction, it's a high stakes gamble for Keller Williams broker Steven Aaron. He must assess the value of the property (based on street view alone!), advise the client on the purchase, consult on repairs and remodeling, and put it on the market. If Steven is able to make the sale, he stands to get dozens of listings from Anchor Homes per year - but if he's wrong on his assessment, Steven could cost his client tens of thousands of dollars, and lose their business entirely. Meanwhile, Hilton & Hyland agent Aaron Kirman represents noted East Coast developer Doron Gelfand, who has just finished his first L.A. project - a gorgeous but tough-to-reach Malibu property. If Aaron can actually get people out to see the place and make a sale, this prolific builder will have many more commissions for him in the future. But, if he can't overcome the remote location, then both Aaron and Doron's hopes of a flourishing L.A. real estate career together will be over.