Friends and Neighborhoods

Episode HSLA-109H

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Hilton & Hyland agent Marisa Zanuck's friend and client Adi Mail wants to leave her Bel-Air home and find a family-friendly neighborhood where she and her husband can start a family. Adi wants to move to Beverlywood, an exclusive section of Los Angeles. Problem is, homes rarely go on the market there, and when they do, they go FAST. Marisa thinks Adi will have more luck looking outside of Beverlywood, but needs Adi to make that realization on her own. If Marisa can convince Adi to look beyond Beverlywood, she might earn a nice commission, while finding her friend a great house. If not, Marisa risks losing both a friend and her referrals. Meanwhile, Valerie Fitzgerald Group Agent Nicole Contreras has just sold her best friend's fiance's Venice Beach home, and now must find the couple a new place on the Westside, in the $1.5M to $2.0M range. This couple is about to get married, want children right away, and they need to find a family home in a good neighborhood fast! If Nicole can meet their demands with a quick turnaround, she'll get to make her best friend happy, and earn a high five-figure commission.