An Artist Needs To Upgrade His Home Fast; A Motivational Speaker Lists His Massive Hilltop Mansion

Episode HSLA-101H

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  • July 18, 2013

    7:30 AM e/p

Motivational speaker Grant Cardone wants Hilton & Hyland agents Rayni Romito and Branden Williams to bring in potential buyers for his $18 Million L.A. mega-mansion, so that he can use his own powers of persuasion to seal the deal. If they succeed, there's a high six-figure commission in it, but if not, the house will sit on the market, costing them $10K per month in marketing costs. Meanwhile, artist Michael Hayden's $1.5 million West Hollywood home is bursting at the seams, driving him and his partner crazy, so he has hired Keller Williams owner/agent David Bailey to help clear, stage and sell the space ASAP! If David can find a buyer, he stands to gain a new foothold of referrals in the bustling L.A. art scene. If not, it could cost his clients their sanity, and cost David a $95K commission.