Tuscan Modern

Episode HDSW1-111H

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Emily helps a single dad declutter his LA townhome. Mike Wirsta and his 8-year-old daughter Hannah share a small, but comfortable, multi-tiered townhome in west Los Angeles. Since moving in to the home, Mike has spent most of his time and resources customizing his daughter's bedroom to suite her ever-changing interests. While making his daughter happy is his first priority, he admits he probably should have spent a little more time taking care of the common areas of the home. Mike's living and dining areas are littered with mismatched furniture, a cluttered workspace, and an array of baseball memorabilia. A tour of the space and a style diagnostic help Emily pinpoint what looks would compliment Mike's design tastes. Her first look is inspired by Tuscan-style living. Warm tones, warn materials, and subtle European details, give the space a classy, cultured feel. The second look incorporates a few modern, slightly edgy, pieces to keep the space looking current.