Rustic Cape Cod

Episode HDSW1-201H

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In the season two premiere?Emily helps the Lus create a beach-chic bedroom. Culbert, Candice, and their adorable daughter Kelsey, have just moved in to their spacious Manhattan Beach home and are having trouble decorating the one room they seem to spend the most time in - their bedroom. Enter Emily, with some stylist secrets and a brilliant bedroom concept that'll bring color and life to this boring second floor space. A tour of the room and a style diagnostic help Emily get started. The design plan: trasform the Lus space, layer-by-layer, using coastal inspirations. Her first look is a west coast beach theme. Traditional sand and sea colors, and lots of reclaimed wood, transform the Lus bedroom in to a pacific escape. For her second look, Emily infuses a bit of cape cod class.