Mid-Century Artist

Episode HDSW1-112H

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Emily helps the Downings ? an adorable Los Angeles family of four ? create a fabulous, kid-friendly, living space! Jerry and Joy Downing recently remolded their home and are having difficulty styling the new space. They love the layout and are happy with the structural choices they've made but deciding on furnishings, paint colors, and kid-friendly accessories has been a nightmare. Jerry is your typical ''guys guy''. He likes masculine tones, simple lines, and traditional materials. Joy, a dancer by trade, is much more free spirited with her style choices. She's drawn to bold, vibrant colors, soft feminine lines, and cozy fabrics. A tour of the space and a style diagnostic help Emily confirm the couple's opposing tastes. Emily tours the space and performs a style diagnostic on the pair to determine which two styles she'll be working with. She then redesigns the Downings family room, layer-by-layer, beginning with Jerry's Mid-Century sensibilities. Her second look incorporates a few fun and colorful pieces inspired by Joy's artistic background.