Gunnin' For Style

Episode HDSW1-113H

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Artists Jon and Lisa Gunn are a playful pair of LA urbanites with tons of style and little direction when it comes to decorating. Lisa, a make-up artist, loves relaxed and comfortable furniture with a bit of color, and lots of contrast. She gravitates towards earthy tones and bohemian-style fixtures and says she'd be happy with something soft and slightly feminine. Jon, a filmmaker, likes his home as organized as his work. He describes his style as tailored and traditional and prefers clean lines and lived-in textures. Finding a way to reflect both styles has been quite the challenge and neither seems to be willing to compromise. Enter Emily, with a few stylist secrets that help blend the Gunns differing styles in to one sleek and easy look. Emily has a look at the space and performs a style diagnostic on the pair to determine what two looks she'll be working with. She begins with an ode to Lisa's hippie-esque style and then incorporates Jon's ''Easy Rider Chic'' mystique.