Eclectic Cool

Episode HDSW1-110H

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Emily helps a soft-spoken bachelor and his vivacious girlfriend rev up their living space. Jonte and Ke'Yuanda have been dating for a few years now and, while they're not quite ready to settle down and move in together, both agree that Jonte's living space is where they tend to hang out the most. Unfortunately the room is mostly barren, aside from the oversized, overused black leather sofa. Jonte realizes he's getting older and should have a room that reflects his mature sensibilities. Ke'Yuanda, on the other hand, is confident that Jonte will eventually ''put a ring on it'' and thinks he should preemptively incorporate some of her style in to the space. A tour of the space and a style diagnostic help Emily formulate a master design plan. She begins with a quintessential bachelor pad ? bold, masculine, and fit for a king. For her second look, Emily sneaks in a few softer elements to make the space more girlfriend-friendly.